Greek hair salons

Stylists succumb to requests for the same Playmobil hairstyle, even if Jesus won’t tell them apart in church later on.

Mix 4: Jell-like savior

Running as fast as he can to an exit, stepping on his laces, rushing past a woman his mum knows, tripping on the penultimate step, getting hissed at by a bunch of gypsy kittens. He stops and gives his hot palm to the wall.

Porcelain (English version)

Arriving at Pangrati around 8pm, I took out a miniature key to open the antique shop. Two of the table lamps and a Glam ‘70s palm tree with LED lighting are kept on throughout the night, so that passers-by take a look – especially on weekends, when they park for the bars nearby. The shop…

Πορσελάνες (Greek version)

Στο Παγκράτι, φτάνοντας κατά τις 8 και κάτι που είχε ακόμα αρκετό φως, έβγαλα το μικροσκοπικό κλειδάκι να ανοίξω το μαγαζί με τις αντίκες. Δύο από τα πορτατίφ κι ένας Glam φοίνικας του ’70 με LED φωτάκια μένουν ανοιχτά το βράδυ – για να ρίχνουν τη ματιά τους οι περαστικοί, ειδικά τα σαββατοκύριακα που παρκάρουν…